Building Project

While the events of the last few months have given us all plenty to deal with, we are very grateful that in the midst of everything going on, our plans for growing, building, and preparing for the future have not slowed down a bit. In fact, we are excited to share today that we finally have a 3D virtual tour of our new facilities and renovations available from Chapman Sisson for you to watch! 

Now, before you hit play, let me address a couple of things. First off, this is obviously a “model.” Details within the video (floors, walls, doors, etc…) are not all exact replications of how things will look. Also, when the tour moves from the worship center down the hall to the foyer of The Brook Littles and The Brook Kids, the simulation moves to the upstairs area. In other words, there is no virtual tour of the bottom floor because (even though we will be doing our own renovations to the preschool area) it is not part of the actual building project with Chapman Sisson. 

So, without further ado, join us on a tour of The Brook!