Sexual Integrity 101

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For many years now, Pure Desire Ministries has not only been helping men and women heal from destructive and unwanted sexual behavior and addiction, they have also trained thousands of others how to guard their hearts and lives from ever walking down that road.


We are excited to offer a class called Sexual Integrity 101, beginning on Wednesday, March 6. Created and cultivated by Pure Desire Ministries, Sexual Integrity 101 is an 8-week course that will be held on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM in the Connection Center at The Brook. The class will be led by Kelly and Valerie Bachand, who are members of our church and who have previous experience working with Pure Desire. 


This training is for men, women, pastors, lay leaders, parents, and more. This course is for you if: you have watched people you love battle destructive sexual behavior, you want to better understand how to help others in this area, you have an ongoing struggle (pornography use, etc.), or you have experienced betrayal as a result of such behavior. The class is open to all, not just those struggling. If an individual, or couple comes to the course, that doesn't mean they are personally struggling with unwanted sexual behavior; coming to this course is not an admission of guilt. This course will help us learn more about sexual brokenness and how we can fight it in the pursuit of God's design. This course will show how shame and grace affect the healing process, give understanding about addiction and betrayal trauma, and help all who participate to better understand how they can help people to be on the path to healing.


Sexual Integrity 101 has the potential to reach hurting people around the world: in our communities; in our churches; and in our homes. If you have any questions, please email our Discipleship & Family Pastor, Dusty Fowler. We are very excited to be able to offer this potentially life-changing class to our church family and community.