Milestones are significant, even life changing moments that take place over the course of your child's and family’s life. Milestones are worth celebrating and making a big deal about. As your church family, we have highlighted a few milestones that we want to come alongside you to celebrate and equip you as parents to make the most of them. They are the following:

  • Children are a gift from the Lord, both to your family as well as your church family. To mark this first milestone, our Family Ministry wants to give your child their first Brook Littles onesie, a picture Bible, and a copy of Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp to those of you entering parenting for the first time. To receive your gift bag, just stop by The Brook Littles check-in counter the Sunday your family is able to rejoin us. 

  • In the Bible, we do not see an explicit command to dedicate parents and their child. However, these dedications serves as a powerful tool that reminds you as a parents that God has called you to be your child's primary disciple maker and also serves to strengthen walking in community as you seek to be a godly parent. 

    To mark this milestone, we ask that you first attend our Parenting Class. Once you have completed the class, you can then set up a time to have Parent/Child Dedication in your Missional Community. Parents will also receive a copy of Family Discipleship by Adam Griffin and Matt Chandler.

  • Every birthday your child has in The Brook Littles and Kids is a milestone worth celebrating. That is why every year they will receive a birthday card in the mail around their birthday to congratulate them. However, on your child’s second birthday, parents can bring in their child’s birthday card to The Brook Littles & Kids check-in counter to pick up their free One Big Story Bible Storybook.

    This milestone also marks the beginning of classroom curriculum and Bible teaching. 

  • This milestone is celebrated the August before your child makes the big jump to The Brook Kids. As they get ready to enter kindergarten, we want to celebrate this milestone and make the transition easier by opening up our doors. During this open house, you and your upcoming kindergartner will get to experience worship in The Brook Kids, meet your child’s new teacher, and check out their classroom. 

    Each child will receive their own ESV Children’s Bible. Parents will receive a free copy of Family Worship by Donald Whitney and Big Truths for Young Hearts by Bruce Ware.

  • Every April we celebrate our upcoming 6th graders with what our student ministry calls Immersion Night. During this night, your student will get immersed in what The Brooks Students is all about as they hear from some of our student leaders. While that is happening, parents will be immersed in not only our student ministry, but how they can walk with their students well through these next three years of middle school.

    Students who attend will receive their very first student ministry t-shirt, along with Developing A Quiet Time Bible Study. Parents will receive a copy of Parenting Generation Screen by Jonathan McKee. Registration of this even begins the first of March. 

  • Every May, we celebrate our students on reaching this incredible milestone in their life with a graduation parking lot party. During this event, family, friends, and church members can stop by to congratulate the graduate and leave a word of encouragement for them as they begin a new chapter in their life. Registration for this event begins mid-April.