As followers of Christ we are called to live beyond ourselves for the sake of others, intentionally serving those around us, both inside and outside the church. At The Brook, we partner with local, North American, and global ministries, in order to provide opportunities to serve others and advance God’s Kingdom in each of these areas.

Missions  Education & Training


Join us on this journey to discover God's heart and purpose - a purpose in which you have a part to play. It may be sending, welcoming, praying, supporting, and yes - even going. Discovering this purpose is valuable, and perhaps crucial, for any Christian. Perspectives will take you on a 15-week journey, looking in-depth at the biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic aspects of God's global plan to reconcile every nation, tribe, people, and tongue to Himself. If you'd like more information, please contact our Local Missions & Outreach Director, Corinne Van Ryckeghem.

Local Missions Opportunities

Lunches of Love

In the land of plenty, it is hard to believe that there are children going hungry every day! The Brook partners with Mission Firefly and local schools to identify students who meet the criteria to receive a bag of food each Friday to take home for the weekend. Many of these children are “food insecure,” which means that they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Volunteers are needed to pack the food bags for children and deliver them to the school. If you are interested in serving with Lunches of Love, please contact Natalie Fahrmann or Sonia Brown.  


King's Table

King’s Table is a ministry of The Brook that is seeking not only to eradicate hunger, but also (and even more importantly), to share the Gospel with people in our community. Through the generosity of our church family, we are able to meet the emergency food needs of individuals and families. If you would like to know more about how you, your family, or your missional community can get involved with King’s Table, please contact Beth Cox.

Foster Family Support

One of the ways that The Brook is committed to serving people in our community is by coming alongside foster families, praying for them, and demonstrating Christ's love to them by helping to meet practical needs that come up as they care for the children in their homes. Click HERE to find out how you can help us in our efforts to support foster families. 

North American Missions Opportunities

Street Reach – Memphis, Tennessee

We have partnered with the Memphis-based ministry called Street Reach since 2014. This partnership allows us the opportunity to be salt and light in the spiritually dark area of inner-city Memphis, Tennessee. Through Backyard Bible Clubs in the mornings and community service projects in the afternoons, we seek to penetrate the darkness with the love and hope of Christ.

Global Missions Opportunities

Casas por Cristo - San Raymundo, Guatemala

We have been working in Guatemala with an organization called Casas por Cristo since 2011. Casas por Cristo exists to open the door for local pastors and churches to share the love of Jesus Christ by building homes for families.


South East Asia

We have been working with a ministry partner, taking teams to share the Gospel in India since 2014. We cannot go into great detail about our trips or our ministry partner online, but we ask for you to pray about going to share the Good News with people in this country who so desperately need to hear it! Contact us HERE for more information about opportunities to join a trip to India.