Our mission describes WHAT we are uniquely called to do:

"Living intentionally to bring God's kingdom everywhere we go!"


Our values describe WHY we do what we do:

  • Intentional Living - Because no one lives for Jesus on accident.
  • Kingdom Priorities - Because Jesus said He will build His Church as we advance His Kingdom.
  • Disciple-Making - Because this is Jesus' highest priority and final command.


Our strategy describes HOW we can best make a Kingdom impact:

  • Worship - Worship is the first step in our strategy. We believe that corporate worship should be a central part of a believer's life, but also that worship is a way of life, striving to put Christ first in everything that we say and do.
  • Grow - As a general rule, healthy things grow. This is true for your faith as well. Here at The Brook, we believe this is best done through Community Groups. Our Community Groups provide opportunities to dive deeper into God's Word, connect with one another, serve our community, and do life together.
  • Serve - God has given each person unique gifts and talents, and we believe that those should be used for His glory through serving the church, our community, and the people that God places in our lives! We desire to see all of our people serving and would love to help you figure out what that looks like for you.
  • Together - When we worship, grow, and serve together, we experience true godly fellowship. God designed us to be in fellowship with one another, and we would love for you to experience that with us here at The Brook.


Our measures describe WHEN we are successful at carrying out our mission:

As followers of Christ and members of The Brook, we ask ourselves, "Is my life..."

  • Intentional - What am I doing to become more like Christ?
  • Sacrificial - What am I investing for God's Kingdom?
  • Missional - Who am I helping to follow Jesus?