As we work to effectively assist each person in finding the right opportunity to GROW in their faith, the first question we ask is: Where are you in relationship to Jesus Christ?

Do you consider yourself to be a:

Learner - Still undecided or determining who you believe Jesus Christ to be.

Believer - I have confessed Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

Follower - I have begun a daily pursuit of knowing Jesus and making him known.

Disciple - I am currently or am now ready to begin making other disciples of Jesus.

If you consider yourself a LEARNER, BELIEVER, or FOLLOWER, move to our Discipleship Groups.

If you consider yourself a DISCIPLE, first take a look at our Discipleship Strategy.


A disciple of Jesus is inherently committed to making other disciples. Disciples make disciples!

What does this look like in everyday life? How do we accomplish this?

Disciples SHOW others how to follow Jesus & TEACH others how to study God's Word.

Are you ready to take that step? We are ready to equip you to make disciples. No matter which Discipleship Group you are leading, the purpose and strategy remain the same. The question is: In which environment is the Lord calling you to lead? If you were unable to attend either of our Groups Training classes, please take a few minutes to watch the video below:

After watching the video, take a few moments to prayerfully go through our Discipleship Groups and determine which one is right for you.


The next question we encourage each person to ask to help you find the right environment - the right Discipleship Group - is simply: Where and how can I continue to know Jesus better and to make him known to others?

serve groups

Groups of 6-15 people with a shared mission that meet throughout our city with the purpose of serving a specific people or meeting a specific need. [Suggested opportunities to serve in our community: Manna House, Downtown Rescue Mission, North Alabama Foster Closet, CASA, Lincoln Village, Community of Hope] Serve Groups will meet weekly (OR) based upon the frequency of need with the ministry they are working with.

Find a Serve Group

grow groups

Same-sex groups of 3-4 people that meet with the purpose of growing deeper in their knowledge of God‘s Word, the discipline of walking in, sharing, and living out the gospel, and pursuing spiritual friendship in Christ. Unless otherwise noted, all Grow Groups will utilize the Micro-Groups strategy and resources from Planting the Gospel.

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community groups

Groups of 10-20 people that meet regularly for fellowship, prayer, to grow in the Word, and to spur one another on to follow the Great Commandment and fulfill the Great Commission.  Weekly meetings look different from group to group and week to week. Some weeks, groups engage in discussion using one of our spiritual formation resources. Other weeks, groups might have a missional focus where they serve together. Groups with families might take a week to focus on discipling the kids in the community group. 

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Are you ready to GROW?

If you have questions or you are ready to begin the process of LEADING in any of our Discipleship Groups, please contact our Discipleship & Family Pastor, Dusty Fowler.