Building Project

May 28, 2021

Church family,

After years of persisting in prayer, seeking the Lord's will, and planning for the future, we are thrilled to let you know that we have finally broken ground! Bulldozers, front loaders, and dump trucks have been clanging and banging all week. It's an awesome sight! As we are entering into this time of construction and building, I want to address some things that are going to be of utmost importance for us in the coming months.

To begin with, as you can all imagine, there is going to be a mess. For someone new to our campus, this can make things a bit confusing. While we are going to go above and beyond to direct, guide, and communicate with our guests, our Connection Team is going to need your help in accomplishing this. In fact, we would love to grow our Connection Team in all areas, ensuring that no one slips through the cracks on a Sunday. If you have not yet found an opportunity, the Connection Team is not only a simple, yet significant way to serve the church, it is also an instant catalyst to make new friends and find community. If you're interested in knowing more about serving on the Connection Team, contact our Connection Pastor, Dusty Fowler.

Also, as construction has begun, we have also taken on our new construction loan. We are grateful to the Lord that we have been able to reach this place without doing any sort of fundraising or capital campaign. That said, part of why we’ve been able to be in this position is our corporate faithfulness and commitment to giving. When we faithfully, cheerfully, and sacrificially bring back to the Lord the first fruits of what He has blessed us with, He opens the floodgates for us to be stewards for His Kingdom. As your pastor, I want to ask each of you to join me in prayerfully asking the Lord: How do you desire me to faithfully, cheerfully, and sacrificially partner with your church on your mission for your Kingdom?

Finally, allow me to share a few more things with you to help us prepare for Sundays at The Brook during this next season.

Our new worship center is going to sit on the western half of our current parking lot. As a result, we have already lost half of our parking spots. Thankfully our gravel lot has been graded and smoothed over. We would ask that if you are physically able, please consider joining us in parking in the gravel lot. We want to reserve as many spots as we possibly can for members with physical disabilities, young families, and for newcomers and guests. While this may be a mild inconvenience for some of us, it will make a significant impact for others!

Whether you park in the parking lot or the gravel lot, we will be working this weekend to make a very clear pathway to the front doors of the lobby. Also, the only way to The Refinery (Building 4) will be the main sidewalk from the lobby (Building 3).

If you have children in The Brook Littles or The Brook Kids you can help us out tremendously by using our Text-to-Check-In before you arrive. This feature is available on Sundays after 8:15AM. To check in, simply text the word CHECK to 256-333-6842. The system will prompt you to choose your check in location (The Brook Littles or The Brook Kids). When you arrive, your parent/child stickers will be waiting on the counter. This not only expedites your check in process, but also frees up our workers and coordinators to help and assist our guests.

What an incredible time to be part of our church family at The Brook! While the next months may be filled with some minor inconveniences and sacrifices, those things will be greatly overshadowed by the countless evidence of God's grace, provision, and power. Thank you for faithfully serving, for continually praying, for sacrificially giving for the sake of the Kingdom, and for loving one another. What a privilege to be a part of the Body of Christ!

I have never been more grateful to be your Pastor and to lead you in living intentionally to bring God's Kingdom everywhere we go!

Philippians 1:3-6,

Pastor Brian


August 25, 2020

While the events of the last few months have given us all plenty to deal with, we are very grateful that in the midst of everything going on, our plans for growing, building, and preparing for the future have not slowed down a bit. In fact, we are excited to share today that we finally have a 3D virtual tour of our new facilities and renovations available from Chapman Sisson for you to watch! 

Now, before you hit play, let me address a couple of things. First off, this is obviously a “model.” Details within the video (floors, walls, doors, etc…) are not all exact replications of how things will look. Also, when the tour moves from the worship center down the hall to the foyer of The Brook Littles and The Brook Kids, the simulation moves to the upstairs area. In other words, there is no virtual tour of the bottom floor because (even though we will be doing our own renovations to the preschool area) it is not part of the actual building project with Chapman Sisson. 

So, without further ado, join us on a tour of The Brook!