We have been given new and abundant life because someone shared the good news of the Gospel with us!

Would you pray about going to share the Good News with people in South Asia? As we faithfully answer the call to go, God uses each of us to declare his goodness and salvation to many who are desperately in need of hearing the gospel. In the area that we work in, every hour, 80 people die and go to Hell. This is because they have never had an opportunity to hear the gospel and confess Jesus as their Savior.

As we go, we will come alongside of our Christian brothers and sisters in South Asia, where there is little or no gospel witness, to establish thriving, Christ worshiping, Bible study fellowships of new believers.

Our team will be formed and trained over a 5-month period with what is known as The Four Fields of Kingdom Growth methodology (T4T). Through the Holy Spirit’s leading, we will share the gospel with people using our personal testimonies, as well as God’s Story (Creation through Christ), and we will disciple new believers using the 3/3rds Pattern of Discipleship. The new believers will then share their new-found faith with others, and we will be able to witness God’s “harvest” fields produce abundant and lasting fruit – churches established and multiplying at unimaginable rates.

Would you, in obedience, come and share this life-saving news of the gospel with those who have never heard? The dates for the next trip are August 1-11. For more information and/or a signup link, contact our Missions Minister, 
Sue Ann McCoy.