Missional Communities

As Christ-followers, we have been sent by Jesus on a mission to make disciples. Here at The Brook, we believe that is best done in community with one another. We call this Missional Communities.  If you are looking for a wonderful way to grow in your faith, spend time in God's word, serve with others, and enjoy Godly fellowship, then we encourage you to consider joining one of our Missional Communities. 


A Missional Community is a group of followers of Jesus who live and experience life together like a family. They see God as their Father through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ and the new regeneration brought about by the Holy Spirit.


A Missional Community serves those around them as though they are serving Jesus Christ. In doing so, they give a foretaste of what life will be like under the rule and reign of Jesus Christ. A Missional Community serves in such a way that it demands a gospel explanation, because its people are living lives that are centered on Christ.


A Missional Community is more than a Bible study or a small group that cares for other believers (although these things takes place!). It is made up of followers of Jesus who do life together for the mission of making disciples and reaching the lost. 

Use the link below to see what Missional Communities are available at The Brook. Once you find a group that you are interested in, you can contact the group leader for more information and to join.