Sharing the Gospel

As Jesus followers, we are redeemed and on mission together! This helps us to understand who we are and what we are to be about! Every follower of Jesus is called by God and empowered by the Spirit of God to go and make Jesus known to our neighbors, community, and the nations.  

We are given 604,800 seconds every week. That means we have been given this many moments each week to make Jesus known!  If we look at the life of Jesus, He modeled taking advantage of  those everyday opportunities to make known the love of God. He took advantage of meals, daily interruptions, common events in His life.  He took advantage of relationships so others would know the love of God!

Let’s take advantage of every moment given to us to boldly make known the love of God!

Here are some resources to help you share the Gospel with those around you.

  • 15-Second Testimony

    "Do you have a story like that?" This video shows how to think through your own testimony and prepare to share it.

  • The 3 Circles

    Sharing your faith & your testimony with others can be as simple as three circles.

  • Creation to Christ

    We deeply desire for all people who know & follow Jesus to tell others about Him. This video is a great first step in learning the story of God & how to retell it.

    Here are two documents to use in conjunction with the video:

  • The Story

    This 5-minute video succinctly walks us through the gospel story: creation, the fall, the rescue, the restoration.

    The Story also offers mobile gospel-sharing resources, such as The Story Film (linked to the left), conversation tools, and more.

  • The Story Maker Film

    This video is specifically designed to teach children about The Story of the gospel.

  • Praying the Heart and Will of God Over the Lost

    Sometimes we are unsure how to pray for those that are spiritually lost. This prayer guide will help you know what and how to pray for others using the Scriptures - God's Word. Make sure as you share Jesus with others that you spend time in prayer and the Word, preparing yourself to be ready to share your hope. In Ephesians 6, we are told to put on the whole armor of God as we prepare to walk into battle!